Gardens, Vines, Wines

Equipment and human care

We, who care for the Kapatovo Gardens and Vineyards, are convinced that what our fruit trees and vines need the most, is the human care. In order to facilitate the work of the members of our team, we invested in various and high-quality farming equipment.

Within the investments we added to the company’s assets storage facilities, package sorting systems, and trade facilities.

In addition to everything needed for the daily maintenance of the farm and the plants, we bought also special equipment to avoid frostbite – frostguards.
With respect to the requirements of our clients and the traders, we invested in a special cherry sorting machine, as well as in a hydro-cooler for cooling the produce.

We also installed a drip irrigation system which covers all perennial plants.

The produce is stored in nine cooling chambers of total capacity of 1200 cubic meters.

The farm has its own transport.