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Bottled wine

Kapatovo Ltd produces red and white wine Kapatovo – in bottles, as well as in 5-litre boxes.

The red ­Kapatovo is an assemblage of Syrah, Petit Verdot, Marselan, and Primitivo. In accordance with the characteristics of the crop, every year we strive to find the optimum proportion among the varieties in the assemblage, as to reflect our clients’ expectations. Prior to being bottled, the wine is matured in Barron French oak barrels.

The white Kapatovo is an assemblage of Chardonnay and Viognier.

Kapatovo wines are made and bottled in Damianitza Ltd.

Каpаtоvо red 0.75l

The color is rich, dense and dark. Combination of ripe red and black fruit, vanilla, dried ripe figs, spice and herbal notes. Oak is expressed but does not dominate. The body is average full, juicy, leaving the impression of warmth. In each iris varieties contributes to the complexity and balance of flavors, but the Syrah dominates. This variety brings wine structure and aromas of ripe fruit. Primitivo adds richness and wealth of fine fragrances. Marselan contributes to deepen the color and Petit Verdot balanced wine with freshness.

The grapes are carefully sorted by hand. The fermentation is on whole grains, juice contacts with the skins about 3 weeks. The wine matures in French oak barrels for 10 months..The packing in boxes allows the bottles to be arranged flatwise and premium cork gives us confidence to avoid the sterile filtration of wine and maximum to keep the authentic taste.

Kapatovo wines Chardonnay and Viognier

Viognier contributes fruit and floral aromas typical of the variety, grown in warmer climates. Chardonnay makes the wine rounder and volumious. Brings complexity with aromas of slightly roasted nuts. The wine is mellow with a clean aftertaste. Freshness is not sharply defined, but prolongs the taste.

After the harvest grapes are chilled in a cooling chamber up to 8 degrees. This allows its precise processing and eliminates the risk of occurrence of secondary processes and undesirable flavors. Grapes are carefully sorted before squashing. The clear juice is fermented slowly for about 35 days at precisely controlled temperature. The wine matures on its fine lees four months and a half.

Kapatovo red 0.75l 2012

The blend is with increased participation of Syrah. This makes the body more tightly compared to the 2011 harvest. The style of the wine is preserved. The grapes are carefully sorted by hand. The fermentation is on whole grains, juice contacts with the skins about 3 weeks.

Lactic fermentation and maturing are again in French barrels, as one third of them are first wine refueling. Oak is a combination of different woods and structure, which brings added complexity. Maturation in the barrels lasts nine months and a half.

Kapatovo red 5 litres

The wine is a blend of Syrah, Petit Verdot, Marsel and Primitivo. The grapes are carefully sorted by hand. The fermentation is on whole grains.

The fermentation is on whole grains.
Unlike bottled red, the wine in bag-in-box is not aged in oak barrels and has all the characteristics of young and mellow wine. The short processing preserves most authentic characteristics of the four varieties.

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