We provided our farm with a hydro-cooler for the cherry produce


In order to extend the life of the our agricultural production and to keep its flavor characteristics, we decided to invest in a hydro-cooler equipment.

Hydro-coolers are special equipment, which allow cooling the core of fruit and vegetables in order to extend their life. Until now, in Kapatovo Gardens and Vineyards we have used the hydro-coolers mainly to cool the cherry production. Through a special line the crates of freshly picked cherries are flowed in the hydro-cooler where they are being thoroughly rinsed with cold water. This process of cooling guarantees the freshness and the quality of the cherries for a longer period of time.
The technology the hydro-cooler uses avoids fruit damaging, shrinking, weight loss or loss of flavor characteristics. By washing and cooling in the hydro-cooler, the temperature of the cherries reaches +2°C.

Hydro-cooling treatment ensures safe sorting and transportation, while the fruits keep their qualities to be appreciated by the end clients.